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Luis Enrique Cuervo

Daniel Torres
Carrera 12A #77-41
Oficina 502
Bogotá, Colombia  
Phone: 011-571-313-4488
Fax: 011-571-313-4677

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The Bogotá office provides legal counsel to multi-national companies and foreign clients doing business in Colombia. In a competitive and complex business world, our Bogotá office is dedicated to ensuring that each of our international clients receives the individualized service and expertise required to achieve success.  Our clients’ needs come first and drive our focus.  Recognizing that our clients trust us to handle their critical legal problems, our Bogotá branch delivers unsurpassed service and the best achievable results.
Since the inception of our firm, Fowler Rodriguez has dedicated itself to client service with a balanced roster of distinguished, experienced attorneys.  Our Bogotá headquarters works to negotiate foreign investor oil contracts with Colombian officials, and our attorneys are renowned for big-case litigation and international law. The firm represents many major national and international corporations, governments, energy companies, ship owners, insurers, protection and indemnity associations, refineries, regional and money center banks, hotels, municipalities, manufacturers, public bodies, real estate developers, school districts, shipyards, oil and gas exploration companies, exporters, stevedores and a broad array of other professional firms and associations. 

Since 1993, attorney Luis Enrique Cuervo has headed our Bogotá, Colombia location.  Cuervo’s primary areas of expertise include energy, oil and gas, commercial, maritime and insurance matters.  Cuervo works with a strong team of talented attorneys including George Fowler III and Juan Serralles, all of whom have extensive experience in handling oil and gas matters.  In 1991, Cuervo was appointed to the Colombian Ministry of Justice, where he wrote the 1991 Annotated Code of Criminal Procedure and defended the bill for its approval before Colombia’s Congress.  In 2001, Cuervo published the definitive treatise on oil and gas law in Colombia.

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